Closing down!

Iskous Design is closing down! I'm not going to do orders for fan sites or company sites. In the summer I lost interest at Wordpress, fan sites, Photoshop and coding at all.

From today (August, 9 2016) I'm closing down my website, collective, sellfy page and some of my fan sites which I have started while ago but never finished.

Thanks to my lovely and helpful hosting - Flaunt for the whole help and support over the years with them! I am not going to be active on any forums out there about fansites/ex-fansite owners and etc.

I will continue tweeting on @feckyapride about my interests, hobbies and etc.

I will try to avoid visiting fan sites or talking about design services with people. If you need me for a question about your fan site or design, please do not ask me.

It was a great 4 years journey with lovely people with common interests.


Wish you all the best in the future!